Fish Report for 12-26-2007

Vagabond Super Cow

Bill Roecker

Vagabond arrived at Point Loma Sportfishing November 20 under owner Mike Lackey's hand, after a nine-day open-party trip to the Southern Banks with 16 anglers. The boat landed five tuna over 200 pounds, including a whopper super cow; a 327.6-pound yellowfin caught by Tony Saldivar of Laguna Hills.

The fight lasted two hours after the fish hit his fly-lined sardine. "I almost got spooled three times," said Tony. "I got em in the evening, fought him into the dark. I didn't think he was anything real big at first, but after an hour, everybody knew it was something bigger. Captain Mike could tell by his tail strokes."

"It was a seriously mean fish," said Lackey.

Tony used an 8/0 Eagle Claw hook with 130-pound Maxima line and 130-pound Izorline Spectra backing, a Penn International 50 S reel and a Calstar 655 XXXH rod to land the jackpot winning fish. Tony posed at Point Loma Sportfishing's certified scales with his 11-month old son Kendall.

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